Why Use Self Storage?

Messy, cluttered home garage in need of self storage services
At Maxwell Self Storage, located in Montgomery, Alabama next to Maxwell AFB, there are a number of benefits to using self-storage.

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But… first things first

What Is Self Storage?

We’re not referring to the stuff you store yourself in your home closets or outdoor storage sheds!

Here’s a better explanation…

“Self storage” as defined by Wikipedia:

“Self storage (a shorthand for ‘self-service storage’, and also known as ‘mini storage‘) is an industry in which storage space…, also known as “storage units” is rented to tenants, usually on a short-term basis (often month-to-month).” ~ Wikipedia link ↝

If you’re unsure if self storage is right for you, here are some points to ponder.

Declutter Your Home

Cluttered room full of household items in need of a self storage unit

Clear your clutter with self storage. Image source: Pixabay ↝

Tired of feeling like your home or office is cluttered all the time?

Using a storage unit can help you move possessions out of the way, including:

The stuff you want to keep but don’t need filling up your living space!

Unit Sizes & Prices

Additional Security

Watch on our YouTube Channel: Secure Self Storage Facility

A storage unit may actually be more secure than your house because they include additional security features you don’t have at home.

In addition to padlocks on all storage units, these facilities are generally surrounded by a security fence with a gated entrance.

Most use surveillance cameras and have bright exterior lights throughout the facility. You may need to enter a security code when you arrive, too.

This is the benefit to using a self-storage facility instead of storing items in a backyard shed. Few people install security systems in their sheds, after all.


Child searching through toy storage box

Self storage for parents, toy chests for children. Image credit: StockSnapIf you have small children, you may be concerned that they’re going to hurt themselves on your power tools or other dangerous items.

Placing these items in self-storage not only clears up space in your home, but it also puts these dangerous tools out of reach of curious hands.

Extra Space

Old men playing chess in garage storage space

Old Men Playing Chess In Home Garage

A Man’s Home is His Castle, But His Garage is His Sanctuary.”

Your home isn’t equipped to store large items.

If you have a vintage car, canoe, boat, or ATV and don’t really have space for it in the garage or your driveway, you can rent self-storage space to keep these vehicles safe and sound. Also, your vehicles will be protected from the weather.

If you’re tired of not being able to fit your car in the garage because of all of your sports equipment or camping gear, it might be time to consider self-storage.

Storage Insurance

Hand holding a home symbolizing the protection offered with a storage insurance policy

Insurance offers protection for your stored items.

You may have the option of purchasing self-storage insurance when you rent your unit.

If you already have existing homeowners or renters policies, these may cover your property kept off site. You might also be able to purchase specialty coverage for stored possessions from your personal insurance company.

This insurance will provide funds to replace your items if they’re damaged or stolen while you have them in storage. In many cases, self-storage insurance costs less than your renters or homeowners insurance, so it’s a good investment.

Self Storage Discounts

Military storage discount program

For all your self storage needs, please contact Maxwell Self Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

Be sure to ask about our military discounts.

And if chess isn’t your thing, we play checkers, too!

2 thoughts on “Why Use Self Storage?

  1. I appreciate your inclusion of the safety of keeping dangerous things in storage. Having a unit for things you don’t want your kids getting at is a great idea. I’ll be doing this from now on!

  2. I wanted to thank you for explaining when self-storage can be useful. I hadn’t considered that this could be a great place to put any dangerous tools out of reach of children. This also seems like it could be useful if you only plan on using those tools every now and then.

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