Holiday Decorations and Storage

When December is over and the holiday season is done, it’s time to take down all of the decorations you’ve enjoyed for the past month or so. For some, this means it’s time to deal with the attic. Getting up in the attic to stash those boxes for another year isn’t always fun. Fortunately, you don’t have to put your holiday décor in the attic. You can also use a self-storage unit. Here are a few tips for storing your holiday decorations so that they don’t get broken.


You can shred tissue paper and used wrapping paper to create filler for your ornaments, giving them a soft, protective cushion.
Always put the most fragile ornaments on top of others when boxing them up.
You can store small ornaments in old egg cartons.
If you have a wine box with partitions in it, it’s perfect for storing ornaments. Wrap each ornament separately, then stack several wrapped ornaments in each slot.
You can use a shoe box or shirt box to save hangers, hooks, ribbon, cord, and other items that you use to hang your décor.
If you have ornaments that were based on food, such as those that kids often make at school, be sure you put each one in its own plastic bag. This will keep the humidity out. Put them in an empty tin or locking storage box so animals can’t get at them.


You can place long, bulky garland in a plastic box for storage. Most garland can be pushed down and stored in one large box, then fluffed out next season.
Put a colored bit of ribbon or twist tie at the center of the garland so you can easily tell where it will be next year.
You can also use masking tape or other indicators to mark where you hang each part of the garland each year. That way, you’ll know exactly which part of the garland goes on which hanger when you’re putting it up. There won’t be any need to keep adjusting it until it’s even.


Don’t coil your holiday lights up—that only leads to a tangled mess! Instead, wrap them up around an empty paper towel tube and tape the ends of it.
Put the extra fuses and bulbs that come with each string of lights in a plastic bag and put it down inside the paper tube.

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