Yard Sales & Storage

Are you getting ready for a yard sale? It can be a great way to get rid of some things you don’t use that often. However, preparing for a yard sale does take some work. You may want to make use of a self-storage unit to organize your garage sale items before the big day.

It’s likely that your garage, basement, or attic is so full of stuff that you need some other space to sort through it. Taking all of this stuff to a self-storage unit and sorting it there can make it much easier to see what you have and what you can get rid of. You can take time to price everything here, too.

When you’re bringing things to the storage unit, take the time to categorize them. That way, you’ll have everything sorted and ready to go. Put items into groups such as clothing, kitchen items, toys, linens, appliances, etc. This way, you’ll have everything organized and ready to go for the garage sale. This way, when it’s time for the sale, you’ll have all of your items organized and ready to go. You can even price items as you organize them. When you find items at home that you want to put in the sale, you can take them directly to the right spot in the storage unit.

If you’re sharing the garage sale with other friends, family members, or neighbors, everyone can split the cost of the storage space. This will help you make more money from the garage sale since you’ll have less expense.

A few days before the yard sale, you can bring your items home from the storage unit into a prepared space in the garage. You can get your tables all set up and then easily organize your items since they will already be grouped. You’ll have everything priced and ready to go, so all you’ve have to do is decide how to display things.

Using your storage unit to prepare your yard sale makes it easy since you won’t have any distractions. You won’t be interrupted by your kids, the TV, or anything else.

If you’re going to have a yard sale every year, you could even keep the storage unit and use it to store all of the stuff you decide you don’t need throughout the year. That way, it’s all organized and ready to go, plus it’s not taking up space in your house.

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